6 Underground

6 Underground

6 Underground launch

                            6 Underground movie’s based story is   about an anonymous person.For four years time the country called Tergisthan’s leader is ruling his country
dehumanizely.The people who unhappy about his ruling migrate from tergisthan another area as refugees.
But they were killed by chemical weapons.This anonymous person was looking at this situation for four
years.Ultimately he takes a decision about his life.That is he should die.

                            In 6 Underground’s main character’s life time he creates magnet called neodymium.He could get the patent of it.Due to this he could be a billionaire.Then he used to help people.But his attention centered
to dehumanize actions around the world.But the reason for his death is to do justice to those people from his power.Though he died he doesn’t kill his life.He cheats the world as a dead person.But his intention is to help as people as a ghost.There are five people comes to work with him colloboratively.These six people could transform tergisthan’s power to democratic person.He is the dictator’s brother.He rebuild the country which brother destroyed.So watch and give your opinions on 6 Underground.

                               6 underground is directed by Michael Bay and has costed 150 million USD as budget.The Producers are Michael Bay,Dana Goldberg,Ian Bryce,David Ellison and Don Ganger.Production company is Skydance Media.Music by Lorn Balfe.Cinematography by Bojan Bazilli.Edited by William Goldenberg,Roger Barton and Calvin Wimmer.The running time of 6 underground is 128 minutes.

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